Who we are and what we offer

Delivering value and rock solid dependability, Ausplant is committed to meeting our clients needs and exceeding their expectations.

We are Australia’s newest provider of Plant, Equipment & Logistics Solutions. We are a team of ex Civil Construction and mining professionals who have built dams, roads, tunnels and developed mines, managed sub-contractors, plant, materials, and client deadlines. We have worked with Plant Hire firms in the past, and like you; we have an expectation of service, and results. We are customer focused and project orientated. To Ausplant, it is all about you, your project, and the value added by us as your supplier.

Managing your plant and equipment shouldn’t be hard. Our charter is to ensure it isn’t. Our philosophy is fundamentally different to most plant and equipment businesses; we start with our clients’ needs and work backwards because not everyone has the same needs as no project is the same. Ausplant remains independent and present the best value options to our customers.

Total Account Management

A single, dedicated point of contact for all your requirements. This individual has access to reporting mechanisms, a database of qualified and compliant plant providers, the skill set to give you solutions, not problems, and knows that you are not calling for practise. They will ensure that any issues are resolved quickly,
work with your accounts team to ensure the method and timing suits their needs and deadlines.

End to end solutions

If you need it, we will do our best to find it. From trenchless solutions to 200+ tonne rigid dump trucks, if it exists, we will look for it. The service doesn’t stop at delivery; Ausplant builds rapport with your stakeholders. We can manage your material, labour, traffic, Equipment sales and service, or develop a total equipment solution tailored specifically for your project.


Are your staff with the authority to order looking after the businesses interests or their own? Engaging Ausplant eliminates the need to question the integrity of those in a position to procure. We work with you to ensure the most ethical, effective and transparent options are presented.

Outcome driven

Ausplant believes in keeping low overheads, driving efficiency and quality of output. This way we can pass on savings to you, without compromise. You will be offered the most cost effective option available, always. Ausplant knows that success doesn’t just happen, we believe in building relationships that are built on mutual respect, trust and performance. Strong relationships create strong  businesses.


Ausplant is confident to deliver and determined to do so. Should you wish to discuss, or require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please fill out the enquiry form and check any equipment needed for your project. We will review your submission and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any further questions please call us on 0499 22 33 44 or send us an email on admin@ausplant.com.au.

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